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The interview is over and done with!

Seeing Jo again.

A recovery present from Tash

Today was a day of so many smiles.

Remembering last night and the girlfriend chat.

Getting an interview for a job I really want.

Being asked to write a blog for a feminist site and being approached by an award winning feminist podcast to talk about my vulva t-shirts.

Going to a Christmas party where I talked about vaginas and air pollution.

Having Stuart meet my friends and then stay at my house, where he said really sweet stuff to me. I like this guy.

Doing better than I thought I would today. An interview down, a lovely description of me to Nick and she wasn’t as bad as yesterday. Maybe I can stick this out.

Shep’s for Jo’s birthday dinner. Delicious korean food!

Telling him about BOW. I didn’t expect him to cry. 

Making friends with Hannah. For the one day we’ll work together. But she’s lovely. We had a really nice, if a little chilly, lunch together.

Being offered another time for the second interview. It’s nice to be chased. And I think I might want it a bit more.

Feeling quietly accomplished today. I took in lunch – a healthy delicious one in. I worked hard. I made another proper dinner (using a whole variety of pans) and then set up an invoice and tax tracker. 

Did a good interview. Pretty proud of myself.

A day working in the garden.

A picnic with Holly in the evening sun.


Gavin’s back!
Finishing the interview. It’s all over now.
Putting on my big old jumper and mum’s big old socks and curling up on with my book.


Sitting like mum
Getting an interview
Floating on my back


Getting the interview over and done with. I can relax again!
Floating on my back.
His towel falling off on the stairs.


I got an interview!
Pretending to be my friend to get into the press screening of Amy.
Shouting Hieu to stop thinking bad things. And then realising I was supposed to shout my own name.


It felt warm and smelt like summer
Walking through a new part of the city
I got an interview