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Sitting in the sun and drawing again. Even if I’m a little bit rusty. Or a lot rusty.
I got a job. FINALLY. Now I can start to do things and enjoy my time here!
Hearing a laugh that reminded me of my cousin and made me think of my big family and the fun times we have together every year.



Having silly photos taken of me at work for a new window display. Lots of laughing was involved.

A delicious soup for lunch with mint in. I basically love anything with mint in.

Possibly getting a new writing job before going away next month. Hopefully a bit more money and another contact.



An afternoon mocha. Even if I did feel a little bit too jittery and sick afterwards.

Counting up how much money I’ve earned this month by doing a job I hate

We had a lovely man called Peter in with us at work today. He made me laugh. And he diluted the annoying boy in the office. He can come back anytime.



My new earphones blocking out all the outside world noises and letting me hear Ben Howard and only Ben Howard

Sewing. Not looking at a screen.

Finding out I’ll only have the one job to worry about over the next month, not two. Instant calm.

Image: Kate Hursthouse


Being told that someone thinks I’m good enough at my job to want to poach me for their own company.

Spending a peaceful half an hour in Paperchase looking for and Buying a new diary for 2013. Finally I can start making plans! God I love stationary.

Cuddling up with my boyfriend on the sofa, with the duvet, in our pyjamas, eating chocolate and watching a film. The film was The Notebook though so now we’re both crying uncontrollably but it was nice to spend time together.


Finishing all my work for Christmas. Goodbye laptop. See you in 2013.

A mini Christmas with my boyfriend.

Being adored. By him.