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The Edinburgh top jokes.

The views from the ninth floor, looking out across London.

Dishoom’s wooden toilets are still my favourite. Also the food is great obvs.

Dad getting in on the WhatsApp and making brilliant vagina jokes. 

Jonny opening the door onto his knee and headbutting the wall.

Shep fitting us in for vegan Mexican food before going to see Sam DJ. 

Cleaned the house. Earned some money.

Star Wars jokes from Will 

Discovering more vagina Instagram feeds. 


Edinburgh Fringe jokes.
Autumn leaves. A kind of bitter sweet smile because summer was so un-summery. But I do love autumn.
A night of laughter and trying to understand each other.


Seeing the pink lake, briefly.
Singing along to Nicki Minaj in the car.
Giggling over the silly jokes we wrote on our blog.


The bold ducks who came right up to us at the park. Correction: came right up to our food.
Pride. What a film. Amazing.
The book of Christmas cracker jokes. What do angry mice give each other at Christmas? Cross-mouse cards.


Making a risotto from purple carrots. Delicious and beautiful. And a little unusual.
Chatting and joking with housemates over Grand Designs.
First day back at work and it was nice to spend the day joking, laughing and getting back into the swing of things.


The crane with the word ‘schwing’ on it. Giggled.

The advertisements around the Kings Cross Station, bragging about how good it is compared to other London stations

Finally, some of my boyfriends mates laughed at my jokes. It’s been a long time come in.g I don’t really know why, I’m hilarious.