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Volunteering at Bloody Funny and remembering why I do the Period Parties, despite the stress.

Being in the top of the Union Chapel. And the sun coming in through the church windows.

Funny funny comedians. Josie Long, Bridget Christie, Rosie Jones as the highlights. A period/skidmark story. A period sex story. A vulva stitch/hair brushing story.

Walking down to Angel, through the autumn-y park. Autumn is so damn beautiful.

A day of doing my own thing. Mainly charity shop shopping. And walking. And thinking. And listening to Body of Human, discovered thanks to a woman on OKCupid. Sofie Hagen and Josie Long. What a lovely, positive treat.

Texting Jen in the evening. She’s a funny one. I like hearing about the office.


The pop up message from Michael.
The sound bath. The sounds falling on me and washing over me.
Touching Josie Long.


Josie Long.


Cleaning up at work, breaking the mop and laughing so hard I almost wet myself.
Making up lyrics to ‘This Old Man’.
Josie Long. Always.


One Million Lovely Letters. Reminded me a little bit of this blog. Although obviously mine is completely self indulgent and not at all about other people. But still…

Josie Long on the radio. And then subsequent Josie Long YouTubing

Going to see Ghostbusters in a random room under a train line. “Listen! Can you smell that?”