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Walking home through the park on this beautiful Spring morning.

Kardashians. I know it’s utter shit but I love it.

Pinging lots of bulldog clips the right way round

Seeing dad. Oh god it was nice to see him.

A candle. A blanket. A cosy jumper. The Kardashians. 


Kardashian bonding time.
Being back in the warm and having an afternoon to myself.
Chats with Gavin.


Today is International Women’s Day. And as a feminist it provided plenty of reasons to smile. And cry. But I feel solidarity, I feel strong and I feel part of the sisterhood.

Watching the Kardashians. Exactly what I wanted after work.

My friend applauding me for a great response to an argument that happened yesterday with her housemate about feminism. You argue with me about feminism and you’ll get smacked down. Verbally of course, I’m not one for violence.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone. Peace and love and please sign this to say no more Page 3.


The excited dog running around the office.

The funny noises the two electricians made.

Watching three episodes of Kardashians that I hadn’t seen before.