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Wearing my dungarees

Free Kindle Fire

Voice messages with Corinne


Dad was happy with his new kindle case I bought for him. I’m happy when dad’s happy.

Doing yoga exercise

A certain smell in the street that reminded me of my parents, of being younger, of being outside. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it lifted my spirits.


My rucksack for traveling arrived!

My old boss told me that my leaving present would be vouchers for buying books on my Kindle. Perfect as I didn’t realise how expensive they were

The sky this evening. I didn’t take a photo but trust me, it looked amazing, beautiful clouds and such a perfect colour.


My wonderful parents bought me a Kindle. And it arrived today!

The warm weather has made seemingly made a load of students appear, laughing and having fun

I got off the tube a stop early and walked back in the warm evening air thinking about how different everything feels when it’s hotter. London suddenly feels like a European city rather than a British city. If that makes any sense