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​Sunny sunny sunny

Laura Mvula.

Just lols with Jana and Rosie. 

Sidestepper. What a great band.

The Russian/Ukrainian tent.

The beautiful stages in the woods.

Dancing to Bare Necessities.

Yoga under the trees

The dosa.

The ice roll. (As seen on ITV)

The speedy shower. We felt clean for about 5 minutes. It was amazing.

John Grant

​Sitting in the sun, on the grass, watching Emmy the Great. And getting a text that made me smile.

The Beirut babes.

The Maccabees.

​Being at Latitude. Its so beautiful!

The pink sheep

The beautiful sky

All the food!

Finding Drake! 

Dancing dancing dancing.

Joking about condoms and waxing my bikini line with Matt.
Phoning mum as a distraction from packing for Latitude.

Lots of excited Latitude texts.