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The big sale hit my bank account. Goodbye credit card debt!

Speaking to Jo and laughing about labels.

Cooking aubergine. I haven’t had it for ages and I’m happy to have cooked something different.

Big belly laughs at Jen and Fiona’s. Finally.

Gail’s pastries.

Finding the right big sketchbook for Fred.

Seeing Han and giving her a big hug.

Seeing Jo laugh really hard. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy seeing her like that.

Tidying the office when no one was in there.

Remembering that I make Jim laugh a lot.

And then making Will laugh too.

Jonny cooked dinner for us and we talked for quite a long time too. It was a nice evening together.

Sewing three and a half pairs of dungarees.

Seeing Jo briefly and laughing. Talked about my anxiety and it helped.

Bought some snacks to cheer me up. Fizzy yumminess, grapes and chocolate.

Seeing the wooden planter steaming gently in the sun, as the water evaporated off.

The Sound Bath with Sophie. Really relaxing and dreamy.

Linking arms and walking along laughing.

Got heaps of work done today. Really easily too. Just smashed it out.

And evening of drawing.

And then laughter with Lauren in the kitchen.

Oh and the squirrel up above me, almost within arm’s reach at the park on the way home.

I got my necklace fixed. Finally. My beautiful necklace that I wear everyday.

Nan’s pressed flowers. They worked and they look beautiful. They’re up in my room now.

I loled a few times today at No Such Thing As A Fish. And I listened to a new one.

**UPDATE** My cousin is here for the night. And she makes me lol. “UPDATE. I only went for two sanitary towels”

Missing testicles on No Such Thing As A Fish. Giggling all over the train.
Face oil. 

Fish pie.


A day of buying lots of the bits that I need. I feel calmer about the week ahead. And it’s nice to wander the shops alone sometimes.
Hoovering. Finally. It feels so clean.
Abicado. I love Hannah’s typos. This one full on made me lol.


Rehearsing for Mirth Control and seeing our view out into the Royal Festival Hall from where we’ll be singing. Eek!
So much walking. Over two hours of London walking. And claimed as working hours. Win.
‘Who gave you that computer? The 1980’s?’


I saw Ansley Harriot and Len Goodman at work today. I got way too excited by this not very exciting event.
More Italian chats.
It’s nice to be liked. I like making friends.


Doing some writing again.
Making Liv laugh.
Coming home and giving myself time to meditate and relax.


No laughing.
Waking around Bristol in the sun.
Playing pool.


A really infectious giggly laugh that caught me of guard and cheered me right up.
A bird flying right at me and then stopping and hovering in mid-air right in front of me. Only for a second. But a long second.
Saying goodbye to a favourite customer and hearing her say lovely things about me. Plus a hug.


I finished my T-shirt. And it looks so professional! I love the double stitching.
Silly jokes with my boyfriend and loud laughing.
Family Guy.


An email from one of my best friends, mainly about Lolfins
Laughing so hard we cried. And over pies.
Feta, beetroot and avocado for dinner.


I made a pretty impressive book cake for my flatmate.
I woke myself up by laughing this morning.
Walking down to the market together, being silly and singing songs.


An opened eyed sneeze.
The word ‘arse’. I found it so surprisingly funny that I accidentally spat out water all over the wall.
The Cuba dancing on Cuba street.


Cleaning up at work, breaking the mop and laughing so hard I almost wet myself.
Making up lyrics to ‘This Old Man’.
Josie Long. Always.


Reading How To Build A Girl and laughing so much I could hardly explain to my boyfriend why I was laughing.
My flatmate telling a story completely wrong. Which made me laugh so hard I almost spit tea everywhere.
Making something new for dinner. New AND delicious. And it has two types of cheese in and my boyfriend normally hates cheese. Hello Spinach and Ricotta balls, you can come for dinner again.
The photo isn’t my food exactly, it’s a photo of the photo in the cook book. My attempt was only a teeny bit different though of course…


A day of giggles with my colleagues

Finding out I don’t have to work on Friday morning. And the afternoon will be spent having lunch along Southbank. What a lovely last day at work.

Walking past a shop called Assmann.


A happy day at work with plenty of loud laughing

A walk up to the park when I would normally have been working

Arriving at the station as the train is pulling, trying to go through the barriers, finding my Oyster card is empty, rushing to the machine to top it up, waiting for a receipt, legging it down the stairs and spectacularly leaping onto the train just as the doors as closing. Boom.


Rereading lots of my posts in this blog. A big list of three happy memories from every day. Instant boost

My boyfriend liking something on my work Facebook page. Without me even asking him to.

Working in the office after two days working at home. I always think I’ll love working from home because I can lounge about in bed without a bra on. But it is quite lonely. And as funny as I find myself, it’s always better to chuckle with someone else.



Having a laugh with the sandwich shop lady and the Costcutter lady at lunch time

Having Radio OneXtra on at work. Destiny’s Child, Craig David and Azealia Banks. Yes.

Two free mojitos


Did two quiet poos at work today. Confidence is growing.

Leaving work early.

The tiny mouse that scuttled under my seat at the theatre. It made me jump and then laugh. A lot. The women next to me didn’t find it quite so amusing.

20130509-214130.jpgDaleks at Paddington Station

I text into Scott Mills on Radio One. And he read it out! And it started a little discussion. So exciting.

Innuendo Bingo on the Scott Mills show (he did a lot to make me smile today)


The pink blossom swirling around in the wind outside the shop

37 things you’ll only find funny if you’re British

I was supposed to do something after work but it got cancelled so I could just come home instead. Which was exactly what I wanted.



The crane with the word ‘schwing’ on it. Giggled.

The advertisements around the Kings Cross Station, bragging about how good it is compared to other London stations

Finally, some of my boyfriends mates laughed at my jokes. It’s been a long time come in.g I don’t really know why, I’m hilarious.


Walking in the sun and feeling warm

Watching the giant pillow fight in Trafalgar Square

Trying on the most purple trousers you’ve ever seen, laughing at them with my friend, and then buying them. This may have been a mistake.

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