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Sitting out on the balcony in the sun whilst eating breakfast.
Finding out I was eating avocado at the same time as one of my best friends back home.
A silly story that my boyfriend told me from his work today involving a fake salt shaker.


Lunch today. Delicious food, lots of laughs and a cheap to from the next door charity shop
My gorgeous new jumper as a well done to me for getting a job
Brand new Grand Designs on TV. BRAND NEW.


Apart from the obvious Christmas Day happiness…

The mouse in the garden. Tiny and adorable.

Mum and dad dancing to the new ABBA Wii game. So funny.

Opening my presents over Skype with my boyfriend.


First mince pie of the year. Shut up, I know it’s November.

Seeing the beautiful St Paul’s cathedral glowing in the night skyline.

John Richardson. Hilarious.

Image: wasaweb