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Sleeeeep. Sleeping with the sun shining into my room and onto me.

Finding a tiny leaf in the turn up of my jeans.

The ending of my book. I’m so glad she left him and made her own life!

Finally tried the vegan bao buns. Ate the whole lot.

Went to the park and watched the robins fly around, the squirrels scamper over the trees and then found a heart shaped leaf.

Shared WAP with the family playlist and it got some good feedback from the cousin that dislikes me.

The leaf, stuck into my window frame and waving out at the world.

Finishing the building blocks for Freddie’s Christmas present.

Walking around the park in the sun, looking at the coloured leaves and enjoying the warm weather and no headphones. And flirty texts with Nat.


This fallen leaf that landed in a pretty incredible position.
The cultural performance at the Waitangi treaty grounds.
Crunching over shells on the beautiful beach.


Happy leaf.
Emily, our housemates friend, who talked about interesting things, facts and stories all evening. So nice to talk about different stuff. Plus she’s so articulate.
Going out for dinner.


I found a single leaf resting on our balcony. Maybe not that abnormal given that it’s autumn but we live five storeys up and not all that near lots of trees. The thought of it’s journey up here made me smile.

I found a t-shirt at work with ‘I heart Hugh’ on the front. It’s the perfect little Christmas present for my Hugh Grant loving dad.

A friend told me he’s giving an Allotinabox to his girlfriend for her birthday. A present I’ve bought for people in the past. I don’t know if he got the idea from me or somewhere else but I’m just super happy that other people are buying this brilliant little grow-your-own gift. Long live useful presents from fantastic companies!