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The bright autumn leaves against the blue sky outside my window in the morning. Again.

The beautiful shadow of my windowsill plants on my wall.

Milf’s on holiday. The sexiest porn I could think of.


The trees outside my bedroom window, orange and yellow against the blue sky in the morning.

The weather was so beautiful today. I went for an autumn walk to clear my head.

Walking around the gallery with Stuart, acting like a couple and being a bit drunk. 

Kicking through the bright yellow leaves on the pavement.

The whole wood working day. The bright blue sky, being outside, the fire, making a bowl, the feminist chat at lunchtime, the end result. It was brilliant.

Smelling like wood smoke

I decided to go for a walk around the park in the morning. And I discovered a beautiful tree. Something about it just spoke to me. I took about a hundred photos of it and sat under it for a while, leaning back on the trunk and having a little chat. The sun was warm and it was quiet and beautiful. It felt so good to be out in the gorgeous blue-skied day.

I took a few of the leaves to do some printing with. They look pretty beautiful too.

A day of boring photos from Stuart in Bath. It made me smile. 

A sunny autumn walk around the park. With the leaves and the blue sky and no headphones on.
Baking ginger biscuits. Eating a lot of the dough before any baking actually happened.

Lino printing some gold joy cards. 

Also family whatsapp lolz with vegetable faces.

The smell of the autumn leaves.

I sewed a bib for my friends new baby. I haven’t sewn in a while so that was really nice.

A massage from Joy.

And watching Blue Planet II with the housemates. 

A walk in the woods. With the sun shining and on the look out for deer.

Waitrose bread and Président butter for an in car picnic lunch before the train back to London.

Hot cross buns. 

A beautiful long walk around the Cotswolds. The colours of autumn are everywhere.

Eating an apple, left in a basket outside a cottage.

A cream tea after the walk.

Walking down to Angel, through the autumn-y park. Autumn is so damn beautiful.

A day of doing my own thing. Mainly charity shop shopping. And walking. And thinking. And listening to Body of Human, discovered thanks to a woman on OKCupid. Sofie Hagen and Josie Long. What a lovely, positive treat.

Texting Jen in the evening. She’s a funny one. I like hearing about the office.

Bright autumn leaves on the walk home.

Being good at interviewing. I like being on this side of the table.

A big veggie stew on a baked potato with Bivan for dinner. Plus some wine. In front of Bake Off. 

And the smell of lavender in the fresh evening air.

The sunlight shining through the bathroom mist this morning.

Green green leaves above the buses on the Strand.

Walking through a new bit of the woods on the walk back home.

Kicking through the leaves.

Petting some sheep.

Watching mum and dad jiving in the kitchen.

The trees outside my window have changed colour, seemingly overnight.

The huge Turkish meal we had exploring a new bit of London. And the very friendly staff. 

Got my necklace fixed. I love being able to wear it again. 

Pretty Dorking and autumn trees.

Selasi’s ‘since the end of Bake Off’ story. He’s feeling pretty relaxed about it.

Some home yoga after work to relax. 

Walking with Hannah. Canals, parks, trees, scones.

Beautiful autumn leaves.



My new big plant. To make my corner look more green.
A useful day, when I thought it would be rubbish.
Sorting out some cupboards and general house shit, chucking away all the old crap that builds up over years of multiple people.


Kicking through the autumn leaves.
Andrea ringing to check I was okay after today.


Walking home through parks filled with autumn leaves.
Columbia road.
Some drinks with Jonny


Standing outside on the fresh morning air for a few moments as the sun shone through the trees and squirrels played on the tree.
Using fire extinguishers. As training, not for a fire.
Four Non Blondes, what’s going on. Such. A. Tune.


Edinburgh Fringe jokes.
Autumn leaves. A kind of bitter sweet smile because summer was so un-summery. But I do love autumn.
A night of laughter and trying to understand each other.


The bright green leaves against the blue sky on the way to work.
The job title ‘Master Yumster’ on a business card.
The most delicious Japanese food at dinner.





As usual, a walk in the park gave me lots to smile about. The leaves, the beautiful colours, the smells, the squirrels hopping about. I took lots of photos and don’t want to choose which to use. So you’re getting all of them.

Listening to some Beyonce and getting excited about going to g-a-y for the first time tomorrow night.

A leaf floated alongside me as I walked back by the canal.


The smell of cut grass.

The huge pile of swept up leaves. I sorely wanted to kick through them. But managed to reign back my childish longings.

Ticking a few things off my to do list. Finally.

Image: cedarposts

victoria park autumn

Going for a long afternoon walk around the park, singing out loud. I can’t tell you how happy kicking through the leaves made me today.

Deciding to walk a bit further and then smelling that incredible autumn smell of sharply cold air, leaves and wood smoke. The best decision I made today.

Getting my prize from Lush through the post. Natural, handmade goodies galore. Hurrah!

victoria park sunlight leaves

Accidentally timing my walk through the park perfectly. The sinking light seemed to catch on the most colourful trees.

Receiving a spam email about penis enlargement entitled ‘So hard you can break an egg’. I would like to see that.

Red grapes.


Using the word ‘homunculus’ in a sentence correctly.

This wet leaf print on the pavement

Watching the first sky dive from the edge of space.

The gorgeous red, orange, gold and yellow plant growing over the fence.


Discovering a new local cafe with delicious poached eggs and hot chocolate.

The party. The dancing, the chatting, the drinking, the hugs, the laughing.