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Bright autumn leaves on the walk home.

Being good at interviewing. I like being on this side of the table.

A big veggie stew on a baked potato with Bivan for dinner. Plus some wine. In front of Bake Off. 

And the smell of lavender in the fresh evening air.


The sunlight shining through the bathroom mist this morning.

Green green leaves above the buses on the Strand.

Walking through a new bit of the woods on the walk back home.

Kicking through the leaves.

Petting some sheep.

Watching mum and dad jiving in the kitchen.

The trees outside my window have changed colour, seemingly overnight.

The huge Turkish meal we had exploring a new bit of London. And the very friendly staff. 

Got my necklace fixed. I love being able to wear it again. 

Pretty Dorking and autumn trees.

Selasi’s ‘since the end of Bake Off’ story. He’s feeling pretty relaxed about it.

Some home yoga after work to relax. 

Walking with Hannah. Canals, parks, trees, scones.

Beautiful autumn leaves.



My new big plant. To make my corner look more green.
A useful day, when I thought it would be rubbish.
Sorting out some cupboards and general house shit, chucking away all the old crap that builds up over years of multiple people.


Kicking through the autumn leaves.
Andrea ringing to check I was okay after today.


Walking home through parks filled with autumn leaves.
Columbia road.
Some drinks with Jonny


Standing outside on the fresh morning air for a few moments as the sun shone through the trees and squirrels played on the tree.
Using fire extinguishers. As training, not for a fire.
Four Non Blondes, what’s going on. Such. A. Tune.