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The Wall of Vulvas. From the Vagina Dispatches.

And acing their vagina quiz.

Leaving presents. I didn’t expect it. And I’ll always love an enamel mug with a fox on it.


I got given flowers as a leaving present from a lovely customer at work. It was such a surprise.
And then I got given a bottle of wine 2 minutes later by another customer. I was so touched.
I put my flatmates bed together all by myself.

collage leaving present

My leaving presents. This collage that was created just for me by a brilliant, brilliant man and a promise that my boss will pay for the care for a beautiful, disabled boy I met in Ghana while I’m away and can’t pay for him. Which is the best present I’ve ever received.

The Alan Partridge flag at Glasto.

Singing along loudly to the Glastonbury coverage