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Self love life drawing. Drawing. And being drawn.

Doing a second pose that wasn’t so scrunched up.

Letting myself walk calmly down Oxford St.

Got heaps of work done today. Really easily too. Just smashed it out.

And evening of drawing.

And then laughter with Lauren in the kitchen.

Oh and the squirrel up above me, almost within arm’s reach at the park on the way home.


Doing all the things to make me feel better today. Namely:
The cheap and delicious chocolate custard cake.
Sacking off work and just getting lots of life admin shit done – new passport ordered, food bags picked up, books donated, people responded to, face mask…urm…masked.
Then some creative shit. Sketching from the nude photographs I had done and watching a funny video about whittling. Then a smidge of learning some French.


Fems bracelets.
The yellow sunlight from the sunset shining into the flat.
The curls on the drawing of me.


Being excited about new things, like salmon teeth.
Life drawing.


The knitted boyfriend

Remembering that we’re going away in a few months

This cool video from Wriggles and Robin that looks like a lady dancing


The animal photos on the Telegraph site and their funny captions.

Going to a Life Drawing class for the first time in years.

My hair. It was down and big and curly and smelled lovely.