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First night of my pottery course.

Potatoey, tomatoy, garlicy, eggy dinner. Rustic.

Lunch dumplings


An afternoon of sewing in the sun
Homemade ice tea
Accidental Indian dinner out. All the food.


All of us together! It’s been so long since everyone was in one room together. Such a great night and such amazing friends.
The Great Recovery event. It was so nice to be back around creative people and I loved making the cushion, especially using the curved needle.
Walking everywhere. I love how much more I know London these days.


Going to see Sam at work in the morning. He always reassures me.
Wanting to go to the gym. (And going)
Feeling productive after the gym and finishing my top.


Making things. It’s nice to be sewing again.
Waxed legs. It’s been a while.
My boyfriend coming home earlier then I thought he would so there was time to get a hug in before we both went out for the night.


Looking at my thumbs and seeing my brothers thumbs in mine. To me, my brother is perfect and having something that physically connects us makes me feel happy.

A whole night of sewing.

Hearing from my boyfriend.