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Sunny secret garden with Jo.


Mint Malteaser buttons.

A lovely walk in Epping Forest with Jonny

Remembering the Malteasers incidence in NZ outside the place with all the mosaics.

New (to me) stretchy trousers. *SO* STRETCHY AND COMFY.


Visiting his gran. She still has her cheeky side.
Malteaser slice.
Some time out on the sofa upstairs.


Rooftop cinema. Great location, good film, comfy beanbags and Malteasers. The surprise carnival band in Fremantle.
The delicious honey cake.


Waking up to this lovely message from my boyfriend

Reading the sweet blog post my boss wrote about me and how sad she is that I’m leaving. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

The smell of light rain on warm pavements. The true smell of British summer.


The sun came out! Briefly. But I saw it.

A tickle fight on the sofa

My boyfriend brought home a box of Malteasers. They didn’t last long.