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Office duck chat.

Realising that I have done most of the things that I needed to do for the events. 

A fun lunchtime crossword. Bearcats and tablelands. 


Seeing the weather forecast for the next few days. Hello continuous sunshine. You can stay.

Walking along the canal eating a fish finger sandwich, chatting to my boyfriend and spotting a mandarin duck (my favourite)

Meeting new people. And enjoying it. Maybe I will be alright when we’re travelling then.


A few drinks with close friends at a nice pub where we chatted about all the amazing things we’ll be doing when we’re away.

My denim jacket. I haven’t worn it for ages but I remembered how much I love it.

The adorable tiny ducklings and the mandarin duck on the canal. And the coot that ran across the water for ages.

mandarin duck

Smelling wood smoke from one of the boats on the canal

Seeing my favourite type of duck, the Mandarin Duck, out on the canal. And fighting his corner for some bread.

Chocolate biscuits. Probably one too many. But they’re so good.

Image: Shanek54