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Pottery. Aside from one of the pieces (yes, that one), they all went well.
Sort of flirting. It made my migraine feel a lot better.

Mike’s terrible accidental gif on Tinder. Didn’t seem to make a difference though. Just made me and Lauren laugh heaps.

The happy smiling cyclist. That then made me smile.

Sex and the City with Mike’s commentary.

The hot man cycling with a backpack with an adorable dog in it, resting his furry face against the man’s face. I almost died.

Mike made me laugh after dinner. It got rid of some of the stress. I can’t even remember what he said. But I noticed a difference.

‘Look like an owl’

Sitting and talking to the older woman making a t-shirt bag. It felt really peaceful. It felt like me.


The naan
Finding sandpaper
Mike’s poo story. ‘So I had to dedicate most of the morning sorting out that situation’.