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Doused in milkshake. Again.

A meeting with Lucy where I felt a bit like how I used to feel – doing interesting new things, planning and coming up with good ideas. Not just working to a brief.

Beers and fish and chips with Jonny. Plus Queens.

The levels of clouds in the afternoon

A dark chocolate milk

Baking biscuits

A pretty successful OKCupid conversation.

Working from home so I could be snotty by myself. And then getting to hang out with Becky for milkshake breaks and home made ginger and lemon tea.

Quiz night with Jonny. It’s the last time I’m going to see him for a month or so which is definitely not something to smile about. But it was a fun night. Never been upstairs in the Island Queen before.

The kid who threw his ice cream on the floor. And that stamped on it.

Reading a piece about the French loving spending time on their own. Just before I’m about to go to France on my own. 

Coffee milkshake.


My new clothes arrived!
Lunch with Ryan
Free chocolate milk.


The baby fur seals playing on the rocks at Ohau.
An improvised Milo milkshake in the carpark.
A nice campsite with a shady spot where we can relax for two days.