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The sky today was beautiful. During the day, with the fluttered clouds and as the sun was setting, making everything glow golden.

Delicious vegan food with Sarah. I love mint dressing on a salad.

Roast parsnips, because I was craving them.

Also, more flowers, this time from Rosie. Starting my dungarees and a quick sober drink with Jo where I decided to run to work on Monday.

Mint Magnum

Alec and Ciaran’s Good Eggs argument

The yoga instructors voice. Off-putting but also funny. Reeee. Laxed.


The smell of mint when I opened the new peppermint teabags
Dalston Curve Garden. So beautiful and lovely to sit in the sun drinking tea surrounded by grass.
The Office.


This beautiful, if slightly battered, flower I found on the pavement.
Fresh mint in my water. Feels like holidays and summer and happiness.
Time alone watching RuPaul and relaxing.


Homemade pizza.
Discovering I spelt the name of our deli wrong on our big sign outside. Weeks ago. Woops.


My friend talking about her toe hair. Her very long toe hair.
Homemade broccoli, pea and mint soup for dinner.
Leaving work and coming home to a warm room and dry clothes.


Another free lunch from my housemate, this time at the beach. A beach with a dog and seagulls.
Getting tweets from people I don’t know back home saying they’re thinking of me because the quizmaster at the pub I used to go to held a minute silence for me not being there.
Sticking my face in the new mint plant. It’s so minty.


Having silly photos taken of me at work for a new window display. Lots of laughing was involved.

A delicious soup for lunch with mint in. I basically love anything with mint in.

Possibly getting a new writing job before going away next month. Hopefully a bit more money and another contact.