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At the beginning of the month we give a free coffee to our regular customers and it’s always a nice day. But today one of my favorite customers, a woman who has been coming in more and more, had her first free coffee from us and was so touched. She said it made her day and that kind of made mine.
Finding out I definitely have a pay rise and it wasn’t just a mistake on my invoice!
Everyone being in good moods at work. It just makes the day so much happier.


Watching the stream rise from my cup of tea.
Getting a gift from my housemate. A copy of Alexa Chung’s book that I keep reading bits of whenever I linger in a bookshop.
Finding out my clever boss split my holiday pay over two weeks so I WILL get some money tomorrow. Hurrah!


A big dollop of mashed potato at lunch.
A hot shower after work, washing my hair and relieving my period pains.
Finding out I’ll get paid time and a half tomorrow on top of getting a day off in lieu.


Being told my haircut suits me by another customer. One of those things that you can’t hear enough.
The boss leaving us on our own this afternoon. We still worked hard but we also had a giggle and felt more relaxed without her there.
Looking in the bank and seeing both our wages in there!


Cooking Yorkshire Puddings at work. Delicious. I haven’t had any since being at home eight months ago.
Getting my first pay cheque in eight months too!
My old boss had her baby! Hurrah, he looks like a good one. It’s also her first baby in eight months. Well, nine. Well, her first baby ever. But it fit the pattern of the blog.


Getting paid to do my flatmates laundry. He has a crazy amount of t-shirts. 73 to be exact.
Seeing things in myself that remind me of my parents and make me feel closer to them, even though they’re on the other side of the world.
Sashaying up the hill singing along to Beyoncè.


Having silly photos taken of me at work for a new window display. Lots of laughing was involved.

A delicious soup for lunch with mint in. I basically love anything with mint in.

Possibly getting a new writing job before going away next month. Hopefully a bit more money and another contact.



Watching Grand Designs with my boyfriend after a long day

An amazing spinach, ricotta and pine nut filo pie at our pop up

Selling two things on eBay for a lot more than I thought


An afternoon mocha. Even if I did feel a little bit too jittery and sick afterwards.

Counting up how much money I’ve earned this month by doing a job I hate

We had a lovely man called Peter in with us at work today. He made me laugh. And he diluted the annoying boy in the office. He can come back anytime.



Working with my legs in the sun

Our little business was hired to work for World Book Night. A night in a library, telling posh, rich women about what we do, eating delicious cake for free and being paid for it. Yes please.

Warm evening air and the smell of cigars. Reminds me of holidays in France when I was younger

smiles per hour

The sign my friend photographed in Australia.

The lovely man at the coffee shop who accepted the money I had for tea and carrot cake, rather than how much it actually cost.

Listening to the Scott Mills podcast and hearing how much money listeners had raised for Comic Relief.


Getting my share of the profits from our pop up.

Spending the evening with old friends

Half a garlic bread ciabatta when we stumbled in.


Meeting my boyfriend for his lunch break. He’s been working so much that it was lovely to see him for an hour.

Getting the money back for a pair of jeans that I didn’t want (read: couldn’t really afford in the first place).

Having the time to lie on the sofa with my boyfriend and just chat about things.

Image: Pearl Bucknall/Alamy

Discovering, and repeatedly listening, to this song by Laura Marling. Just when you think she can’t get any better…

The gangsta-walking young man at the shop who surprised everyone by paying for the last bit of shopping that the woman with downs syndrome couldn’t afford. And then watching the check out girls swoon.

The still warm baguette. And nibbling it on the way home.