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Koyasan. Beautiful red temples against an unexpected blue sky. Wandering around in the afternoon was pure joy.

Our home for the night – a monestery with a beautiful garden, real paper doors and staffed by monks.

Discovering vegetarian snacks at the 7/11

Our elaborate vegetarian dinner. Numerous bowls of delicious things.

The beautiful onsen. The big wooden bath, the wooden stalls and the bamboo bowls. It’s all lovely.

The sound of frogs and crickets and wildlife in the garden just outside. It feels so lovely and quiet and still up here.

The beautiful Vitosha mountain. All the colours of autumn and with frozen drops blowing from the trees. And BulgeArea.

Delicious Bulgarian pastries for breakfast. In a room filled with birthday bunting and balloons.

Playing the penis game outside at the cocktail bar.


We made it! We climbed Ben Nevis at night and raised almost £2500 for Alzheimer’s UK. It was absolutely amazing and brilliant and I’m so proud of us! Plus we did it in amazing time. Less than 7 hours and down by 5am. So happy.
Taking off my boots and having a shower.
More hilarious Good Eggs and Alec WhatsApps. Jonny was especially funny.


Hannah constipation lols.
Starting the midnight climb up Ben Nevis. So exciting.
Reaching the half way point up the mountain.


We climbed Snowdon!
Apple crumble and custard


The small train up the mountain to the glacier, with views all down the valley.
Sledging. On the botty whizzer. In thigh deep snow.
The postcards we smeared with cake. And the cake.


The beautiful cloud formations on the plane.
Discovering the British passport has a UNICORN on it.
SNOW! Chamonix. FRANCE! Drinking hot wine outside with the stunning mountains in the background. The horse wearing a hat! The drummers. Touching a ski. Finding the crisps.
The ice hockey match. The shouting in French, the men, the crêpe, the fondue, the winning.

That’s loads more than three but it’s been such a fun day.


Driving past bright bright blue canals, rivers and lakes and then spotting Mt Aoraki appearing in the distance. Absolutely incredible.
Clay cliffs. It all felt so out of place in New Zealand but it was awesome.
Heads Up in the van in the evening.


Spying Mt Taranaki out the plane window.
Getting home after a week away.
A haircut. A joint haircut in fact.


More beautiful scenery on the drive home.
Winning at the guessing games that I’m usually rubbish at.
Chatting with our housemates when we got back and having a giggle.