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Wine tasting and the beautiful olive groves

The egg hunt back at the villa

Hot tubbing with the mountains in the background

The name game plus bonus behind the curtain round

That tiramisu


Blue skies! So blue.

Our walk through the valley. Along the river, through the ancient forests and via a beautiful beautiful pond that I think might just be one of my favourite places in the whole world. It was so peaceful and perfect.

So grateful for the weather being perfect today.

First onsen. Definitely needed after a 5 hour walk.

Ice creams and boiled egg snacks.

Laughing at Han tripping up.


I skied! I’ve never skied before and it was so much fun!
The well earned and totally delicious hot chocolate with biscuits on afterwards.
….then the raclette for dinner. CHEEEEEEESE!


The Tongariro Crossing. What a walk. The scenery was unlike anything I’ve seen before. It looked like the surface of Mars. And then the lakes! You reach the summit and look down to see these stunning multicoloured lakes.
Not just doing the walk but doing it well. I’m much fitter than I was a few months ago and I enjoyed the whole 20km of it. The ups weren’t as hard as I thought they might be and I had energy for the whole 6 and a half hours.
Getting a giant pizza and eating it on our lakeside camp site. What a day!


The ridiculous views in Wanaka. This one is up Mt Iron.
Puzzling World. Way better than I thought it would be.
Every now and then glancing out the window in the campsite common room and seeing huge mountains capped in snow.


Going to New Brighton Beach for a lovely sunny walk and spying the snow topped mountains behind us.
The flight was, as usual, a bit scary fire my but we saw some absolutely amazing views on the way, the huge range of snowy mountain tops, the sounds, the Strait, the sunset and the clouds.
The card from our friend back home filled with the tiniest writing possible.


Listening to Jake Bugg and thinking about my brother.
The lorry driver that waved at us. And then waving at all the other big campervans and watching them automatically wave back and then look slightly confused.
Walking up a big hill/small mountain to see the 360° of mountains and clouds and lakes. Absolutely amazing.
And a sneaky fourth little thing for today: driving the big campervan and manoeuvering it backwards into a small camp spot.


The incredible views as we drove up the country. The early morning mist, the peak rising up out of a sea of clouds and the bumpy hills leading back to the sharp mountain ridges. Beautiful.
Seeing a women cut a sandwich in half with an electric meat carver
Ordering everything on the tapas menu bar two things and then ordering more. And then mains. So. Full.