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The barber mouse in the Museum of London.

A willy card for my brother.

Deciding to go to the pub and actually having fun!

Laughing and chatting with Sally for most of the day.

Cute mouse meme.

Sally saying that I could do some vulva stuff at the centre.

Picking the right seat, facing towards the fun team. Meaning I got to join in conversations with Matt and Keith and get a toffee crisp out of the deal.

Cheese and onion pasty. First day of my period calls for hot cheese and carbs.

Night of lolz with Jonny. Pizza, mice, TV.


The office mouse.
The office fox.
Mary Berry and Jonny. Plus Gu.


A ‘smile’ postcard from my nan

Sleepy morning cuddles

The little mouse that was running around the tube station on the empty platform


Did two quiet poos at work today. Confidence is growing.

Leaving work early.

The tiny mouse that scuttled under my seat at the theatre. It made me jump and then laugh. A lot. The women next to me didn’t find it quite so amusing.


Apart from the obvious Christmas Day happiness…

The mouse in the garden. Tiny and adorable.

Mum and dad dancing to the new ABBA Wii game. So funny.

Opening my presents over Skype with my boyfriend.