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Texts texts texts.
Waxed off my moustache for the first time.
The Beyoncé poi video. Yus New Zealand!


White water rafting down Buller Gorge. Beautiful and fun.
The guide’s incredible, Viking-esque moustache. It was plaited on either side with beads on the end. Best moustache I’ve ever seen.
Chatting with the three friendly Australian guys. Who were totally unlike the average Australian guy.


This moustache mug in the vintage shop. It looks like a novelty item but its not. Hilarious. I love the nose space.

The duck race in the village with the man in knee length wet suits, standing in the river that only came up to their calves. Massively pointless outfit but funny.

Walking over Hungerford Bridge and watching the big tourist boat sail underneath, honking loudly with a whole deck of people waving. This made me smile for the rest of the bridge. I knew I would be glad I walked across the river rather than taking the tube.