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The Favourite. Olivia Coleman is an actual hero.

Finding out I can use the money for Period Parties! 🤩

Feeling good. Good fun chats with Jonny in the kitchen and remembering why I feel so good about the volunteering

Clean clean shower. Actually properly clean.

I Got Life. Making me feel better about the no kids decision again.

Cuddling up on the sofa with Jo and Jonny. With Jonny looking like E.T.

Getting some projects. And the freedom to think of creative new ideas for them.

The Darkest Hour. UP YER BUM!


Walking to work through the park in the morning sun. It cheered me up more than I thought it would.

Mum is fine! Thank god.

Watching a film by myself in the living room. Plus a couple of chocolate biscuits.

Aside from the worst hangover ever, it was nice to spend some time with Stuart without needing to get up and leave really early.

The pizza that Jo bought round for me. So needed.

Watching Miracle on 34th Street with a hungover Matt, mainly napping.

Getting back home to London.


New bed sheet and clean duvet cover.
Water for Elephants. Specifically the bit when they realise the elephant understands Polish.


His gran said ‘I’m so glad he met you’ as we were leaving.
Enjoying the utter rubbishness and cringiness of Insurgent.
My lovely generous parents.


Taking photos in Boots for our railcard. One very funny one of him and also a nice one of the two of us.
Pitch Perfect.
Going home and seeing my parents and my house again.


Christmas balls.
Folies Bergère.
Being alone together for the first time in a while.


The bold ducks who came right up to us at the park. Correction: came right up to our food.
Pride. What a film. Amazing.
The book of Christmas cracker jokes. What do angry mice give each other at Christmas? Cross-mouse cards.


Waving goodbye to him out the window and blowing a kiss. It’s nice to see him in the morning.
Closing up the shop to go deliver food in the middle of the day. A little break and a nice drive around the city.
Vampire’s Kiss. Such a weird film! So funny. ALVA!


Sex and the City 2. So bad and yet so funny.
Bring on the trumpets!”
My boyfriend staying home in the evening to look after me.


The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared.
Trying a new restaurant and feeling like we’re traveling again.
The cute cinema with comfy sofas.


The beautiful day. Pure blue sky, no wind and it felt quite warm again.
The smell of a French campsite in summer, reminding me of all my wonderful relaxing holidays with my parents.
The Noble Family. Especially the Mexican version of a Michael Jackson song at the end credits.


Beyoncè and Nicki Minaj – Flawless.
More fabric!
Complimentary tickets booked for a film tomorrow.


Listening to the Backstreet Boys in New World.  They play the oldest music in supermarkets here. So bizarre.
Having Christmas music on all day at work.
Going to see What We Do In The Shadows and then meeting and touching Jermaine!


The sky.
The Trip to Italy.
My almost nephew knowing my name and recognising me on Skype.

mean girls bin

The clothes from a friend who’s leaving the country for the while. Sad to see her go. But happy to wear her clothes while she’s gone.

Watching Mean Girls.

Swapping funny poo stories. The one involving a poo, a plastic bag, a kitchen table and a one night stand was the best.