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Waking up with him. Making dumb jokes about baby Sophie. Remembering what he said about my eyes. 

Making jokes with the pharmacy ladies.

A night in with Matt and Bivan, watching two films, eating two pizzas and discussing the queuing systems at the local shops. (Shit photo, great night)


Seeing the geyser Pohutu erupt at The Puia.
Getting loads of films and TV series off the friendly woman at the campsite. That will make the long flight home easier.
Opening the paracetamol packet to find really old school style tablets. The two color ones.


Watching two films ‘together’ on the plane. We counted down to press play.
Realising that I no longer need to worry about big dangerous spiders and snakes.
Dinner. We spent most of it in hysterics, making stupid faces and being a bit silly.