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Ben and Han’s beautiful sunny bathroom. I wanted to shower in there forever.

Going on Twister on the pier in Brighton.

The incredibly aubergine thing from the Japanese restaurant that we were so lucky to get a seat at.

Going to see nan.

Stepping into the hot shower.

Leaping onto the train as the doors began to shut. Can’t believe I made it.

Getting my vulva cast in a lovely sunny studio.

Being in Brighton, walking along by the sea and remembering places I went with nan when I was a kid.

A day of cooking all together. I made vulva mince pies. Obvs.

Pizza oven pizzas for Christmas Eve dinner. Sitting out by the fire with dad and Ben was lovely.

Reminiscing about nan at dinner. Her terrible driving, her sneaky cigarettes and her penis chats. And watching Ben laugh so hard about wing mirrors. 

A sad day but reminiscing about funny Nan stories.

No Such Thing As A Fish on the train home. It was just such a funny episode. Shoelaces, brown diamonds and international listeners.

Watching Bake Off in the lounge with Bivan. Rather than sitting alone in my room all night. That was a blessing in disguise.

Sitting in the garden in the sun, reading nan’s diary from the year I was born. It was lovely to feel connected with that nan again. My nan.

Early evening in the park with Holly, drinking a beer and looking at the flowers. In the bloody incredible sun. I love sunny London.

Feeling excited and ready to be on my own again. Feeling happy. As just me. Nothing else.

I got my necklace fixed. Finally. My beautiful necklace that I wear everyday.

Nan’s pressed flowers. They worked and they look beautiful. They’re up in my room now.

I loled a few times today at No Such Thing As A Fish. And I listened to a new one.

**UPDATE** My cousin is here for the night. And she makes me lol. “UPDATE. I only went for two sanitary towels”

Mike made me laugh after dinner. It got rid of some of the stress. I can’t even remember what he said. But I noticed a difference.

‘Look like an owl’

Sitting and talking to the older woman making a t-shirt bag. It felt really peaceful. It felt like me.

Driving! And singing as loudly as I wanted to.

Helping Ben and Han clean the house before Christmas. Scrubbing stairs with toothbrushes, using the water Hoover and admiring Ben’s amazing work on the flooring.

Singing Christmas carols with nan. And her reaction to Ben. Plus I understood her today. She talked right to me. And her ‘steady on!’ to mum sounded just like the nan from my childhood. 


A mum roast lunch
Marmite on fresh bread
Brushing nan’s hair


The little corner shop that sells organic amazingness. I can’t believe I haven’t been before.
Daal and naans with Becky and Lauren.
Nan suddenly getting better. Enough to call her carer a bitch. Not funny in itself but good to know she’s back.


New shoes.
Driving around the beautiful countryside.
Seeing my nan for the first time in 20 months.


The Christmas tree decoration that was made for my nan. She might be on the other side of the world but a little bit of her is here with us.
My dad. Watching him nap curled up in a ball in the big chair and going for a drive with him and chatting.
Racing on the lilos in the pool.


The milkman’s big bum (he joked about it).
Teasing my boss.
A woman that reminded me of my nan.


A ‘smile’ postcard from my nan

Sleepy morning cuddles

The little mouse that was running around the tube station on the empty platform


Got off the train in Brighton and the sun came out as we walked to my aunts house

Having a chat with my nan and she was better than I’ve seen her in a long time

Just generally spending time with my family. I had a really lovely day. Lots of smiling and laughing and all things nice.


A really upbeat jazz song came on as I walked to the tube. Cue me grinning at everyone I walked past

The cute dog on the tube that looked like a fox. Pretty sure it wasn’t a fox though…

Coming home to a postcard from my nan. Always makes my day

The name of this charity shop. I’m not against helping donkeys in the Holy Land, but it wouldn’t be my first choice of charity.

Seeing my nan smile.

The train conductors announcements “hello beautiful people. The next stop on this magical mystery tour is Croyden.”


A postcard from my nan

A relaxed morning that included shaving, hair washing and moisturising. And breakfast not eaten at my desk. Bliss.

Breathing in through my nose and finding it made a whistling noise like a bird.

Perhaps there’s a bird hidden up there….


A postcard from my nan.

Tripping over my foot whilst walking past a busy bus stop and then going ‘OOOoop!’ Funny and embarrassing.

Gay marriage passes the House of Commons, 400 to 175.