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A lunch with Lou. Chatting bisexuality and mental health. It feels really nice to have made a new friend. And to feel really justified in my feelings about bisexual dating.

Silly cardboard comedy in the basement of a pub.

A second date with James. I think I might quite like him.

Making friends with Hannah. For the one day we’ll work together. But she’s lovely. We had a really nice, if a little chilly, lunch together.

Being offered another time for the second interview. It’s nice to be chased. And I think I might want it a bit more.

Feeling quietly accomplished today. I took in lunch – a healthy delicious one in. I worked hard. I made another proper dinner (using a whole variety of pans) and then set up an invoice and tax tracker. 

Beautiful plants at the Eden Project

Bonding with Sarah 

The dinosaur


I raced a man (he didn’t know) out our building this morning. He was waiting for the lift, I skipped down the stairs. I got there first. Win.

We had a new volunteer at work and it was really great to have someone to chat to. Especially someone who is so similar to me.

I went to my first ever yoga class. And it was free!

Image : kyrinhall (and no, I didn’t manage this. Not even close)