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Tidying the craft corner.

Licking out the bowl after making brownies.

Dinner, Aladdin and Friends at Jen and Fiona’s.

Talking to Kevin about making clothes. It’s really nice when someone is genuinely impressed.

Watching the fireworks out the window.

Winning the boob cast that I’m obsessed with!

Going shopping for some nice organic bits and pieces

Playing Dobble

Running to three pubs just before midnight

Jonny accidentally weeing on his trousers

The quiet pub, where the barman recognises me. I think.

Accidental Rowan’s for New Year’s Eve. Complete with a Mario Kart, basketball, dancing, air hockey and pool.

Going for cheesy food and then deciding to go back into another pub for a gin. And a chat with a Spanish man that couldn’t speak English. 

Spotting deer out the window of the train.
Banging pots at midnight with confetti canons.

Singing, dancing and having an actual good New Years. Until 4am. Happy New Year! 


A walk in Epping Forest with two best friends.
Sharing my photos with them. The reaction was really positive.
New Years Eve. Games, too much drinking and dancing in the pub.


Mums birthday cake. Such an amazing turtle.
Performing dad’s version of Hi Ho Silver Lining for mum’s 60th birthday. We had matching t-shirts, almost in-sync clicking and some¬†enthusiastic dance moves.
Playing Heads Up. With people who couldn’t quite see the writing. And lots of shouting.
Singing and dancing to Auld Lang Syne even though we didn’t know the words. Because, really, who does?
Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to lots more things of joy in 2015.
(Yes I know there’s four things but it was a really good day)


The announcement at the train station – ‘due to the inclement weather…’ Talk about an understatement. And inclement is just such a brilliant word.

The ducks swimming in the flooded fields

The entire evening. So much fun – dark walks in secret tunnels, games, friends, fireworks, a pretty village and loads of laughing. Happy new year everyone.

Image: Manggy


Managing to organise furniture for our pop up. And it’s free!

Turning the light on at the exact same time that the kettle flicked off. So the two clicks were perfectly in time with each other. No idea why this made me smile but it did.

I went to the filming of Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve show this evening. Apologies for the awful photo but I had to sneak it. You’re not allowed to take pictures of it. Woops.