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The Always #likeagirl campaign. Even if it is an advert, I still like the message behind it.
Kiwi accents. Confusing and funny.
Laughter and teasing with the flatmates.


This. Awful but kind of funny too.
All the street art in Christchurch, in place of buildings.
Teasing mum and winding her up like I’ve always done.


Seeing a waterfall called Douglas Falls and remembering when our mate slipped over, face first, as we walked to the park. Twice.
Seeing a huge glacier. It was amazing, so big and a bit scary.
Opening the back window of our campervan only to see it fall out. The four of us just stared at each other and laughed and laughed and laughed.


The bra fence.
Screaming as loud as we could into a waterfall in the middle of nowhere.
The stunning lakes with beautiful clear water and barely a breath of wind.


Driving to Milford Sounds in the rain and seeing all the hundreds and hundreds of waterfalls because of all the bad weather.
Standing at the front of the boat as it sailed into a waterfall, playing ‘raindrops keep falling on my head’. It was incredible!
Having the guide get excited about all the birds and waterfalls we saw on the Milford boat trip. Apparently it was more than he’s ever seen and the rain (with a few patches of blue sky) made the Sounds way more beautiful than if we’d come on a dry day. And to think we were all so sad about waking up to the patter of rain on the campervan roof.


The beautiful bright yellow tree just outside our campervan this morning.
Stopping at Wanaka lake to take photos. It was gorgeous.
Parking at a DOC site in the middle of a valley with clouds drifting around the mountains, a fire pit on our pitch and a short walk through the mossy forest.


Listening to Jake Bugg and thinking about my brother.
The lorry driver that waved at us. And then waving at all the other big campervans and watching them automatically wave back and then look slightly confused.
Walking up a big hill/small mountain to see the 360° of mountains and clouds and lakes. Absolutely amazing.
And a sneaky fourth little thing for today: driving the big campervan and manoeuvering it backwards into a small camp spot.


More beautiful scenery on the drive home.
Winning at the guessing games that I’m usually rubbish at.
Chatting with our housemates when we got back and having a giggle.


The incredible views as we drove up the country. The early morning mist, the peak rising up out of a sea of clouds and the bumpy hills leading back to the sharp mountain ridges. Beautiful.
Seeing a women cut a sandwich in half with an electric meat carver
Ordering everything on the tapas menu bar two things and then ordering more. And then mains. So. Full.


Leaving work in the sun to go shopping for a bikini

Being brave enough to go for a poo at work (the toilet is just a tiny room off our one room and is not at all private)

Finding out our New Zealand visas got accepted. Hurrah!


A lovely email from my lovely mum

Actually spending my evening doing the things I meant to do, rather than sacking them off and doing nothing. Feeling pretty smug right now.

This amazing video from an MP in New Zealand on gay marriage.


singing bird

Walking to the shop without my music. It was surprisingly quiet with just a few birds to keep me company.

Sending off our visa applications to New Zealand. At the exact same time (I counted down and made sure we both pressed send together).

Seeing a friend we haven’t seen for two years as he’s been living in India


The news that New Zealand has passed a law legalising gay marriage. And then the video that went with it, showing the supporters in the chambers singing a Maori love song after the news is announced. I cried. And I smiled.

A slow sunny lunchtime walk

Finding affordable compostable plates for our pop up and deciding to pay for them regardless of whether my colleague chips in or not. It’s important to me, so I’ve decided to go with what I believe. And it feels good.


Booking trains and ferries to start our big trip! It’s official. We’ve booked and paid for transport to start us on our overland trip from here to New Zealand. It’s happening!

Speaking to people in the evening about New Zealand and how much they loved it. Which got me really excited again.

Dancing with friends and my boyfriend to some great songs I haven’t heard in a while.


Had parsnip and apple soup for the first time. And it was yummy.

Found out more information about working visa’s for New Zealand

Went to the opera for the very first time. Not really my thing but the English National Opera is a lovely building.