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The bird on the tree outside the front window

More Nicki Minaj. Making me strut and feel better.

A handstand at yoga.

Putting up Christmas decorations at work.

When Jo produced the big colourful Christmas tree.

Nicki Minaj songs. Pussy eating, woman in charge, don’t fuck with me songs.


My wonderful friends
The wonderful presents they got me – WWII books, Nicki Minaj perfume and Sandi Toksvig
The hilariously bashed up birthday cake.


Karaoke on a Tuesday night. Definitely rapped Nicki Minaj.
Hannah’s sunburnt bum.
Late night wanderings.


Nicki Minaj tweeted an article my friend wrote about her. Also I really want this shower curtain.
Hanging with Ryan in the afternoon.
Still finding space to do some floating in the busy pool after work.


A day where I pretty much exclusively for paid to chat to Gavin.
Nicki Minaj. She really picks me up.


The view from Frank’s Cafe in Peckham.
Attack of the giggles when we ordered dinner.
Loud Nicki in the Uber on the way home.


New series of Orange is the New Black
Playing cards with Jonny and listening to the Pinkprint.
Goodnight babes.


The Feeling Myself video.
Being offered a job.
Playing Flounders.


Jonny’s autobiography, Unintentional Brilliance.
Using a bit of my housemates face wash. It smelt AMAZING. I know it’s all chemicals and things but it smelt like being in the duty free fragrance bit on a ferry over to France.
Watching so many Nicki Minaj videos.


Seeing the pink lake, briefly.
Singing along to Nicki Minaj in the car.
Giggling over the silly jokes we wrote on our blog.


Last day at work! And I was the boss for the day.
More presents! And some lovely cards with very kind words. Plus a business card from a very lovely tattoo artist.
A night out with dancing to Nicki Minaj. I love dancing!


Beyoncè and Nicki Minaj – Flawless.
More fabric!
Complimentary tickets booked for a film tomorrow.


Deciphering a Nicki Minaj lyric that I hadn’t understood before

A delicious apple

Fish fingers


I started feeling a bit sad listening to a slow song on the tube this morning. I skipped on a track and was blasted with Check It Out by Nicki Minaj and Instant smile and the blues were gone.

Looking up at the blue sky and feeling warmer. It feels like spring is coming.

Spending all afternoon at my sewing machine.


Pulling up the last of our carrots. And finding them all hilariously bent, twisted and stubby (but still delicious).

Going for a massage with my boyfriend.

Going out to G-A-Y for the very first time and dancing to endless Sean Paul, Beyonce and some Nicki Minaj with no hassle from men. Perfect.