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Morning yoga. With the balcony doors open.

Simple and the ginger hot chocolate. I did it. And it was the perfect, quiet place to relax out of the rain. I’m glad I turned round and found the courage to go in.

The Pont Neuf at night.


A moment to myself on the bench in the park, with the sun on my face
The colour of the sky as I left the office. With the beautiful sliver of moon hanging there.
Swimming in the lido after work, under the beautiful dark sky. It was amazing to look up and see the night above you.


Standing out on the balcony at night, looking out over London, still boiling hot and chatting to Jonny.
Riding in the milk float. Bumpy but fun.
Being up early and seeing the market coming to life. Plus I got to walk to work in the shady coolness.


Bright windows at night.
The thick, soft towel my parents bought me.
Getting shit done. Another job application, checked out the gym, ticked some things off the list. Just one day at a time.