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‚ÄčA delicious lunch with a beautiful-skinned mackerel.

Bumbling for 45 minutes with Ismay and Claudia rather than actually doing work.

Walking across London (past random bands in fancy guard uniforms) to eat an ice cream on the canal. After making myself dinner in someone else’s house.


A morning swim. Really thought I wouldn’t do it but I did.
Cracking on and starting the job application. Pretty productive for a Friday afternoon.
A Bumble message.


Office dog! So many cuddles.
Bumble lols with Rosie.
Wig shopping!


This bit of the text conversation from Field Studies in Digital Love in the Lenny email.
The tortoise in the office.
Pam getting us all together in the office and handing out crackers. It was so lovely and such a great way to end my last day in the office.