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Lunch in the park with Claire

Love oranges. And the one that looked like a snail.

More My Dad Wrote A Porno



Walking on the beach, making animal noises
Head of dicks
The orange with a mini orange inside (yep, it was so cool that this post deserves two photos)


The precarious orange at New World.
The crazy weather. Huge clap of thunder and then hail so heavy that it laid for a while.
Trying the ridiculously rich chocolate cake at work. So. Good.

orange half peeled

The smell of orange as the lady next to me ate one on the overground. It smelt sharply of Christmas (yes that word again)

Having my third session of IPL. One step closer to no body hair stresses (well…fewer body hair hair stresses)

Watching several simultaneous firework displays from my flat, nose pressed against the window.

Image: Sweet Violet