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Mums talcum powder

Walking to the next village, singing loudly in the sun. I never get to sing out loud anymore.

Purple potatoes from Abel and Cole. They made the water turn blue.

A walk along the river.

Lighting a fire. Kind of badly it turns out. And smelling that fresh countryside air in the evening. I love it so much.


This teeny tiny organic farm shop. I think it’s roadside sign was bigger than the shop. Super cute.
W pushing me uphill on the last part of the walk. He pushed my hips so I could lean back and basically walk as if it was flat ground.
The ridiculous farm vehicle we passed on the road. It was tall enough and wide enough for a small car to drive under it.

Abel and cole box

The box of delicious organic vegetables from Abel and Cole, just when our fridge desperately bare

The beautiful blue sky and bright Autumn sunlight

A new dinner I’ve never made before. And it was good!