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Mike made me laugh after dinner. It got rid of some of the stress. I can’t even remember what he said. But I noticed a difference.

‘Look like an owl’

Sitting and talking to the older woman making a t-shirt bag. It felt really peaceful. It felt like me.


This owl graffiti that looked like a damp patch.
The freshly cut grass on the walk to work.
85p naans. Exactly when I wanted cheap naan. Thank you universe.


Smiles. Actual smiles for dinner. Or more actually, brinner.
A huge iced tea.
The snowy owl killing her partner because of a small penis and a failure to perform.


Seeing the frost on the rooftops and it suddenly really feeling like Christmas.

An owl pun I came up with for work. I kept coming back to it and laughing more. ‘Owls made from toilet rolls. You’d be a twit not twoo.’

Getting another big thing ticked off the list for our first pop up on Sunday. Another thing not to have to stress about.