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Texting Jonny at the table.

Packing for Italy and feeling good about my clothes choices.

The incredible looking apartments in Tbilisi.

Speaking to someone about having me and my vulva in a documentary about being a woman.

A fun day with Adam. He was on better form today and it was really nice.

Packing everything up. Bit weird. Bit sad. Very exciting. Can’t wait for the new place tomorrow.

The mega loud sneezing from the mega loud lady round the corner in the office. They make me laugh. She’s nuts.

Getting some big boxes for free, to start packing.

Finally getting ZipCar sorted. Almost all ready for the move.

Neat packing. Of the van and the container. 

The event was fun. I like chatting to the women I work with. Even if the event didn’t get as much attention as it should have. 

Showing off my tattoo. He really liked it.

Coming home to my housemates. Shared cigarettes and wine and dinner. It’s nice when we’re all together.

My gurl Aunt Flo turned up. 🍅🎈🎟♥♦🖍📌🚩⭕💯🔺

Packing up the office. 

Girl’s night at Holly’s. 

Box tower.
Arrested Development with Jonny.

Watching the fireworks from the balcony, hugging Hannah on her last night in London. 


Packing everything into our van ready for tomorrow. It’s so exciting!
Working out how to pump up our tyres.
Doing the sleep meditation podcast together. Shuffling into position and deep breaths.