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Going to the Islamaphobia event and feeling proud to work where I do.

Finding out that our pay rise will be in Friday’s pay packet.

Hearing Tash’s voice on a voice message.

Trialling the leaf printing workshop with Stella.

Eating purple sprouting broccoli that I’d picked at work.

A backdated pay rise!

Pay rise! And it’s been backdated!

A walk at lunchtime when it was hot and sunny and the place smelt like cut grass and summer and it was so lovely.

Jonny being silly after work. Sitting on the sofa with me, stretching and playing with the chair. I like it when he’s in a silly mood.


A postcard.
An easy morning at work complete with a scarf and cupcake delivery from my lovely friend.
Another pay rise!


At the beginning of the month we give a free coffee to our regular customers and it’s always a nice day. But today one of my favorite customers, a woman who has been coming in more and more, had her first free coffee from us and was so touched. She said it made her day and that kind of made mine.
Finding out I definitely have a pay rise and it wasn’t just a mistake on my invoice!
Everyone being in good moods at work. It just makes the day so much happier.