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Period! And without all the usual hormones and pain. Very bizarre. But right on time. Can’t believe it’s finally settled into a pattern.

Still walking to work with a smile on my face. Especially over that bridge in the sun. I think I might be my favourite view in London. Can’t believe I’m enjoying working with children so much.

Watched The Martian with Matt and Scarlett. Can’t believe I liked another film.

All the art. None of the money. Thanks borrowed Tate Card.
Cortado. Delicious, delicious cortado.

An evening with Matt, menstruating, eating ice cream and watching a weird film. Then having some good discussions with Mike. 

My period started. Well that sure explains a lot. 

An evening with Jonny. Beers and Korean food. And bitching. I love him. I love him so much.

I’n on holiday! And the air smelt like holiday! 

Accidental loud fart. Very loud.

Yummy, moist carrot cake.

Becoming an official volunteer and having my skills very highly sung in the WhatsApp group.

Wearing my new CHOOSE LOVE t-shirt, doing my teeny tiny bit for the refugees

Not needing any concealer, not wearing any mascara (mainly because of sneezy eyes) but still looking like a total babe. Really feeling myself today.

Talking Period Parties with Binti. I’m excited to be doing something!

A ride in the rickety van to Bristol.
A walk over Clifton Suspension Bridge, through Deer Park followed by delicious Turkish food at SouKitchen. 

Got my period!

My gurl Aunt Flo turned up. 🍅🎈🎟♥♦🖍📌🚩⭕💯🔺

Packing up the office. 

Girl’s night at Holly’s. 


That’s what she said’s with Alec at the pub.
IKEA goodies at work
I got my period. For the first time since February! I’m so happy.


I made another dinner. And it was something new and delicious and healthy.
Andrew: Is that it, five minutes? Thanks for popping in!
Just being back to my normal self, sans hormones. So much calmer and nicer.


Baked eggs with cheese. Delicious delicious delicious.
My period finally started. Blood blood blood.
Going into the male-filled cafe to buy a cake.


Accidentally getting a wax strip stuck in my hair. My head hair.
New music.
Period things.


A day of demolition, meeting people and positive feelings on the estate. I feel like its finally coming together! Its so exciting!
Date night with Jonny. All the food, all the beer plus some shockingly bad bowling, ping pong and pool. Mr and Mrs Bones, forever.
The Period Poem by Dominique Christina. Bleed and bleed and bleed.


The ridiculously bright sunset. The photo doesn’t do it justice.
My period started. Hello happy moods again!
A chatty afternoon with Gavin and the new Ryan.


My period finally finally started! Now please let it flush out all these emotions.
The little squirrel that hopped along in front of me as I left the house.
I’m still in the toilet in Patchwork.


The clouds. And the sunset.
The aquarium. The turtles were so cute and the sharks were cool. The rays were funny and the guides were so informative.
My period started. Just like that. No migraine. No days and days of waiting and waking up in the morning expecting it start halfway to the toilet.


My period started. FINALLY.
The sunshine.
A dad joke: What do you call someone with no body and no nose? Nobody knows.


My period started! Only 23 days late. No big deal or anything. It’s not like I’ve had PMT for three weeks…

A massage from my boyfriend

Heating up ginger biscuits