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Buying a new phone. Just like that.

Pizza and drinks with Rochelle. It’s been about two years but it was fun.

He text me at lunch time. I know I shouldn’t get so excited but I like him.

New phone

Napping the wrong way round, in the sun

Being beautiful in Snapchat.

Walking past the Women of World War II memorial

Power ballads and Drake. And the resulting chair dancing.

Dinner and drinks with Georgie.

My first bubble tea. Served by a hilarious and lovely man.

Georgie saying lovely things about me. And Liam too apparently.

Walking to Holborn (as usual) and singing Call Your Girlfriend the whole way.

Oh and I ordered my new phone.


Finally got my FairPhone
Finally got the Beyoncè album
My flatmate bought a tub of chocolate ice cream home for me