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Getting switched to the suite with the piano, the double sinks, the bidet, the swivelling TV and the huge bath. 
Wandering around Berlin, not needing to think about anything because Ciaran just took care of it all for us.

Beers, pizza, chips, chats, Cards Against Humanity and meatus talk. A really fun night out in Berlin. Coming home to play the piano at 3am.


Singing ‘I am the Music Man’ at breakfast.
A colourful healthy lunch after yesterday’s beige-fest.
Delicious dinner. Wine. Deserts. It felt a bit like a date. I even put on perfume.


A father and daughter playing on the piano in St Pancras Station

Going to Canterbury for the first time. It’s gorgeous. And it was sunny.

Playing on swings like kids. Whilst the kid sat in his pushchair and watched.