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Feel strangely pleased that I texted positive for COVID because now I don’t have to worry about going back to work before I’m ready.

“I’ve had a poo in Chicago airport and I’m ready to hit the town”

Jewish Matchmaking

The last two goals at the ice hockey match.

Talking about farting and pooing with Hannah on the date.

A nap in the day.


Being the baby whisperer

Finally pooing

Beautiful streets.

Delicious fried chickpeas and pasta and cheesecake pots and arriancini.

Corinne’s pooey fingernail story.

God the park is so beautiful when it’s sunny.

Lots of touchy feely said with Tash at Jen and Fiona’s.

The poo stories.

Going through the New Forest on the train. I love that place.

Adam singing new lyrics in the van.

Big hugs from mum and dad.

My train ticket to POO.

Kissing on the corner.

The cute wine bar that I didn’t know existed.

Talking about poo with Tash.

The drummers on the Brexit march.

Being there when the vote came in.

Dinner at ours with Jo. Poo chat at the table. Just the way I like it.

Reaching up to touch green leaves and realising I’ve smeared my hand in poo.Dinner with Alec.Eating entirely vegan food. Including cheesecake.

A queer fayre with my first mulled wine of the season.

Jam with silver bits in. Hello glittery poo!

Carving a ring.

The William Morris gallery and grounds. Including the organic apple Pip ice lolly. Mega delicious.

Telling Stuart I love him in the park.

Singing ‘we’re all going to the zoo tomorrow’.

Oh and ‘the rice had about 5 or 6 minutes left. So I’m going for a poo’

Holiday! Our first holiday together. It started off really well. The place is pretty even though it’s been a bit of a shambles. But we handled it together. It’s been really fun!

Driving. I love driving. Especially in the countryside.

Poo conversations. It felt like a big step.

Having the post first date smiles. 

YAS QUEEN. Silly but funny.

Hannah and the poop. Green. Chickpeas. Everything.

Seeing W again. It was so nice. I had a really lovely evening. 

Office lols with everyone. The Office Idiot. 

The quick poo situation when Jay left.


Hannah constipation lols.
Starting the midnight climb up Ben Nevis. So exciting.
Reaching the half way point up the mountain.


The naan
Finding sandpaper
Mike’s poo story. ‘So I had to dedicate most of the morning sorting out that situation’.


Chatting skiing and cheese with Andrew.
Swimming after work. I was really looking forward to it.
Hannah’s poo stories.


Poo stories. My friend sharted and then I farted loudly in yoga. Too many laughs.
A coffee and a book. By myself, for myself.
I touched a genuine bar of gold.


The Christmas party. So many smiles. We got Andrew to dance! Zena sang directions to the pub as the time warp. I ate a lot of turkey. ‘There’s a poo in there!’ And Norwood likes me.
A beautiful lit up tree on the way home.


‘I’m not LITERALLY pooing on top of everything else in the office.’


Jeans for £2.25.
Climbing. Hard but fun.
“Why did you have poo on your hands?” “Because I touched it”


This sign on the way to work. I don’t know why but it just made me smile.
Poo discussions with Jonny.
Stoemp chat. So much more than mashed potato apparently.


Did two quiet poos at work today. Confidence is growing.

Leaving work early.

The tiny mouse that scuttled under my seat at the theatre. It made me jump and then laugh. A lot. The women next to me didn’t find it quite so amusing.


Leaving work in the sun to go shopping for a bikini

Being brave enough to go for a poo at work (the toilet is just a tiny room off our one room and is not at all private)

Finding out our New Zealand visas got accepted. Hurrah!

mean girls bin

The clothes from a friend who’s leaving the country for the while. Sad to see her go. But happy to wear her clothes while she’s gone.

Watching Mean Girls.

Swapping funny poo stories. The one involving a poo, a plastic bag, a kitchen table and a one night stand was the best.


Good morning cuddles

Finding a Secret Santa present really quickly. And it’s a good one.

Thinking that my boyfriend had shit himself. He hadn’t but it was still funny until the truth emerged.