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Going to see my brilliant friend’s beautiful pop up shop, selling all the ethical, sustainable and genuinely beautiful things. That’s pretty much all my Christmas shopping done. (It’s called This Because and it’s on Broadwick Street, Soho. You should go.)

Wandering around And Other Stories.

Discussing knitting out your vagina with my housemates.


It was my last pop up before we leave. I’m so proud of what we achieved over the past 6 months. We set up a mini business, created a brand, put on monthly events, created a fan base and got ourselves hired. It might not have been constant highs but we did it. And we did it well.

A tin of sweet corn. God I love tinned sweet corn.

Silly dancing around the living with my boyfriend


Today was the day of our second pop up event so lots of things made me smile. But if I had to pick just 3 things…

A uni friend that made the effort to come, despite not living in London

Getting a late birthday present from my old housemates. And it was a pair of shoes I really wanted. Such a generous gift.

One of the cakes we sold was an apple and blackberry crumble cake. And it. Was. Incredible.


Getting my share of the profits from our pop up.

Spending the evening with old friends

Half a garlic bread ciabatta when we stumbled in.


The wonderful, amazing, brilliant day we had running our first pop-up. It went perfectly – loads of people, tons of laughs and just an all round success. Really proud of myself and my friend. We did it!

Christmas dinner with our friends. Food, crackers, food, games and food. A wonderful end to the day.

The ADORABLE puppy that came into the pop up and stayed for ages. We didn’t want it to leave.


Seeing the frost on the rooftops and it suddenly really feeling like Christmas.

An owl pun I came up with for work. I kept coming back to it and laughing more. ‘Owls made from toilet rolls. You’d be a twit not twoo.’

Getting another big thing ticked off the list for our first pop up on Sunday. Another thing not to have to stress about.


Managing to organise furniture for our pop up. And it’s free!

Turning the light on at the exact same time that the kettle flicked off. So the two clicks were perfectly in time with each other. No idea why this made me smile but it did.

I went to the filming of Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve show this evening. Apologies for the awful photo but I had to sneak it. You’re not allowed to take pictures of it. Woops.