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Walking down to Angel, through the autumn-y park. Autumn is so damn beautiful.

A day of doing my own thing. Mainly charity shop shopping. And walking. And thinking. And listening to Body of Human, discovered thanks to a woman on OKCupid. Sofie Hagen and Josie Long. What a lovely, positive treat.

Texting Jen in the evening. She’s a funny one. I like hearing about the office.

This is a bit of a special one off post. Last year I decided to write down all the new things I did in 2016. Partly this is because it’s good to recognise and celebrate the new things you do in your life, just like it’s going to recognise and celebrate the things that make you smile. Partly it was because I’d just broken up with my boyfriend of 6 and a half years and I needed to remind myself that I was strong and I was doing new, exciting things by myself. 

Some were exciting – I went skiing. I went on holiday to Toulouse by myself. I performed on stage with Sister Sledge. I went on my first internet date. I walked up Ben Nevis at night. 

Some were less exciting but still new experiences. I ate a fresh fig. I bought a wig. I drank bubble tea. I watched Gogglebox.

And some were just silly. I washed and cut off some of my pubic hair in the Southbank Centre as part of an art project for Women of the World festival. I cleaned stairs with a toothbrush. I waxed off my moustache. 

In all, I did 78 new things in 2016. And reading back through them makes me smile so much.  I’m proud of myself. And I’m impressed. Maybe this year I’ll do 80 new things. Maybe I won’t. But at least I’m here, giving everything a go.

A spot of sewing, turning a collared shirt into a more simple neckline.

A wander down Exmouth Market, buying nice wine, handmade leather purses, cute cards and mulled wine for two, for a chat with a friend.

Feeling positive. Feeling good. Feeling like it’s all going to be alright. I like myself. I’m proud of myself. I’m doing good.


The face in the toilet
Putting ‘Jonny Ecco Uniqlo date’ in my diary.
Bez. He was really sweet to me today and made me feel better about things. Plus we made a pretty good team. Those walls are looking pretty bloody good.


A lady popped her head around the door of the shop today and asked what we did. Within 5 minutes she was having a cup of tea with us. A few hours later she left, after we had all laughed together, chatted together and made each other feel overwhelmingly positive. These are the sorts of people you should meet everyday.

A delicious fish cake and mashed potato for dinner

Lying together on the bed, chatting. Feels like ages since we’ve spent any relaxed time together.