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The small train up the mountain to the glacier, with views all down the valley.
Sledging. On the botty whizzer. In thigh deep snow.
The postcards we smeared with cake. And the cake.


Wobbly yoga
A Jonny omelette
A postcard from mum and dad


This postcard.
Singing ‘summertime blues’ really loudly, and wrong, in the car together. Compete with steering wheel thumping, leg slapping and head thrusting.
Peeing into the special campervan pee pot. TOGETHER.


This advert.
A postcard.
Learning the names of a few more customers.


A postcard.
An easy morning at work complete with a scarf and cupcake delivery from my lovely friend.
Another pay rise!


A ‘smile’ postcard from my nan

Sleepy morning cuddles

The little mouse that was running around the tube station on the empty platform


A really upbeat jazz song came on as I walked to the tube. Cue me grinning at everyone I walked past

The cute dog on the tube that looked like a fox. Pretty sure it wasn’t a fox though…

Coming home to a postcard from my nan. Always makes my day


A postcard from my nan

A relaxed morning that included shaving, hair washing and moisturising. And breakfast not eaten at my desk. Bliss.

Breathing in through my nose and finding it made a whistling noise like a bird.

Perhaps there’s a bird hidden up there….


A postcard from my nan.

Tripping over my foot whilst walking past a busy bus stop and then going ‘OOOoop!’ Funny and embarrassing.

Gay marriage passes the House of Commons, 400 to 175.