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The lovely man telling me that my walk was so good that I could charge for it.

Pride with the Gay Liberation Front. My first Pride march.

We’re here, we’re queer and we’re not going shopping!

Climate strike.

Making Will laugh.

Being calm and ready for Sunday.

A bike hidden in the flowers.

Protesting. With the best sign.

He text me first. About ant bums.

Going to the People’s Vote march. I always love a good march. Especially when the sun is out and there’s some good protesting dogs.

Reading on the sofa with Jonny reading in the chair.

Making pizzas together and watching Killing Eve.

Giving myself the morning to finish Atonement and relax in bed.

The #freeperiods protest outside Downing Street. Lots of cheering, glitter, red and menstrual products. And lots of fabulous feminists, obviously.

Chatting to Holly in New York. So nice to catch up.