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Pussy Portraits. A vagina book from my colleague. 

All the housemates, at the pub, for my birthday. Plus Muji birthday presents! 

The shower curtain is finally here! Joint effort putting it up. Really feeling the house right now.

The misty walk through the beautiful New Forest. Just being back there makes me feel calm and grounded. 

A three hour lunch at The Pig. So delicious. So beautiful. So fun. All the food and all the giggles with the Fems.

Wild ponies in the misty moors.

Double hot tub with prosecco. Second time around was naked hot tub.

The pub with some home friends.

Walking home through the misty, pitch black back roads. 

A hot chocolate before bed.

Oh, what a lovely lovely day.

Multiple people asking to see my vagina print. At the same time. 

Date night with Jonny. The classic Turkish food at Petek, beer at the Fullback and ping pong and dance machine at Rowan’s. 

Discussing vaginas at work. And finding out about OMG YAS.

She got my flowers. It’s nice to make people smile.

After work drinks with my colleagues.

I got through the day. It started off badly but I did it. And it wasn’t so bad. It’s not as hard as I sometimes think it is. 

Drinks with Ivan and Mike.
Watching the colours change on the big swing pagoda at Kings Cross.

Week One done. Four interviews, one journey outside of London and loads of printing. Its been a good start. 


Eating a whole punnet of strawberries.
Friends, in a sunny pub, with pizza.
Walking home listening to Revolution


Faithful in the morning
Italian faith in the evening
A drink in the beautiful pub


Ian. He’s nice. I think he’ll be a good member of the team.
The pub quiz.
Georgie. She’s so lovely.


Going outside in that pub and discovering the huge, multi layered and beautifully plant filled garden. How have I been twice and not known about this?!
A real homemade iced tea.
Walking around the park, enjoying seeing all the people out and about enjoying the sunny evening and the green space.


“You’re so easy to get along with” and ‘You really cheered me up this evening”
Pub night with the GW family
My new chest of drawers.


Singing Starman at the Sunday Assembly.
A cup of tea in a pub with Hannah.
Some dresses. Because why not.


An entire pub singing Mysterious Girl. Twice.
Our winning shots at pool.
An accidental big night out.


The beautiful soft clouds
Flat card games
Going for a drink


Raspberry custard tart
Listening to live music in a pub
Having the hiccups. For ages.


Delicious Buddha Bowl with halloumi. And a bite or two of bratwurst.
Watching his soapbox storm down the Redbull track. I felt really proud.
The nice pub near us. It’s nice to have a nice pub.


My new 3D printed phone case for my FairPhone. Had to go find it in Amsterdam which was cool.
The Sex Museum. Actually pretty good for €4 and probably the only place where you can stare at photos of people having sex whilst with your mates and not feel a bit weird about it.
Going to the pub. A real pub. A European pub. Not a bar.


Having lunch in a great little cafe with a huge garden out the back filled with plants and birds and sun and reggae music.
The lovely, helpful guy from the alcohol shop who helped us pick out a good local gin for my parents when they arrive.
The Welsh pub! Went for after work drinks and stayed for ages. It felt like a real pub. Sticky floors, drunk chatty landlord and full of Welsh people!


A dinner date with a close friend. Our last one together. He bought some amazing lemon tarts. And cheesy balls.

Finally deciding on where to have our leaving drinks at the weekend. And booking it. I don’t know what I thought would happen but it was really easy to book an area. So that was nice.

Finding out a friend who has been living abroad for a few months and absolutely hating it is coming home. Unfortunately we’ll have left and wont see her but I’m so happy that she’ll be happy again.


This number plate. What a twat. Plus it was an auction house in the countryside. Which just makes it worse.

Going to my first auction. It was exciting. Even though I didn’t bid for anything.

Seeing an old, close friend for the first time in quite a few months. We went for a drink together in a lovely pub and it was really nice to see him before we leave.


A salad…with halloumi. I’m hoping the good outweighs the bad here. But regardless, it was delicious. Is there anything better than halloumi? I think not.

Drinks in the sun after work, talking about sausages, Germans and China.

A relaxed start to the working day with a long conversation with a lady at work. About things definitely not related to work.



A few drinks with close friends at a nice pub where we chatted about all the amazing things we’ll be doing when we’re away.

My denim jacket. I haven’t worn it for ages but I remembered how much I love it.

The adorable tiny ducklings and the mandarin duck on the canal. And the coot that ran across the water for ages.


A rusty smile

The story of the photographer who took photos of a boy with muscular dystrophy doing all the things he cant do

Walking to the pub after work in the sun


Googling goats for work

Live music in a small pub drinking beer. Something I haven’t done for ages

Standing next to my boyfriend in the crowd and feeling so happy to be out with him after a long week of not seeing each other

20130317-123704.jpgThe little dog on the DLR that howled a little when we went underground

The cake decorated like a breakfast for our friends leaving party

The photo of all of us together in the pub


A day in Brighton, my favourite place

A night of folk music in a lovely pub

The smile my boyfriend gave me, half way through a song.

Image: 20six


The sound of birds outside my window in the morning. It used to drive me crazy when I lived at home but now I love it.

Mum’s homemade sausage rolls. There goes the vegetarianism for a day or two.

The pub on Christmas Eve.

Image: dryicons


Going back to bed for a cuddly hour nap in the morning.

Going for a drink with my colleagues after the event.

Hearing a few nice things said about me and my work over the course of the evening.

Image: thegloss