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Beautiful bright flowers at the ecology centre.

Keith’s quiz.

Finally organising my online Period Party.

In the park, in my bra, with my t-shirt round my head.

Takeaway pizza.

Coming up with quiz questions with Jonny.

Quizzing in the park with Jo, Jonny and Alec.

CrossTown doughnuts.

Officially coming out to my family and them being so bloody lovely about it.

Also watching Becoming. God Michelle Obama is great.

Han’s eggy quiz.

Lying in the park with my phone on silent and with no data.

Casting my vulva.

Embroidery. For the quarentine quilt.

Seeing my adorable little nephew and sis in my dungarees. They look great!

The video intro that Georgie made for the Eggs quiz m

Alec’s Egg quiz. Very fun.

Seeing photos of people in their dungarees. Plus one of Edie with her bib on 😍

A naked photo of Sean.

Making dungarees for Lottie. And so much quicker than I thought too.

The Good Egg quiz.

Loads of people wanting me to make them dungarees. And come to the big Dunga Gang party afterwards!

A day at home. Meaning I could write my period pub quiz.

A first date with Tom. I like him. I don’t think it’s reciprocated but still, I had a really nice evening and that’s what matters.

That delicious nut roast. I can’t get enough of it.

Discovering Rudolf is female.
Work quiz. Lots of lols and snacks plus we won.

Cheesey carby dinner to beat off the hangover. (Oh god, so hungover)


Froggy. His gossip email and his ‘we miss you?’ that he accidentally sent to everyone.
Giving the pram away.
The pub quiz and lovely friends. Second place. We’re creeping up!


“We’re just waiting for the megawatts to connect up.”
I got an answer on Only Connect! Thanks Love Actually.
Dinner with my favourite people in my favourite place.


Had the most lovely day with all the family today. But if I had to pick just three highlights they would be:

The cake.

The mushroom and cob nut soup.

The quizzes.

(That is not my family)