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Hearing Taylor Swift and Sam Smith LOADS on our long drive up to Scotland.
The kids making sex finger actions at us over their garden wall. Their faces when I returned the gesture was hilarious.
Crispin at breakfast. That guy.


Driving the car around together in the evening, singing along to the radio and feeling a bit like I was back home.
Seeing the city hills lit up against the black sky.
Lying on the bed, reading.


Having a laugh with the sandwich shop lady and the Costcutter lady at lunch time

Having Radio OneXtra on at work. Destiny’s Child, Craig David and Azealia Banks. Yes.

Two free mojitos


The Red Delicious apple I ate in the afternoon. It was red and it was delicious.

A funny sounding fart

This song on BBC6 music this morning


Getting a package from Ghana

Dermot O’Leary accidentally saying vagina on the radio

Watching a bear scratching himself on a tree. And looking like he was dancing