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Another MRF. Love recycling.

Watching Hunt For The Wildepeople on the sofa on a Tuesday

Booking a train to Brussels. Just like that. 

MRF. Geeking out on recycling.

A woman on Instagram telling me she has decided to do menstruation related art work because of my vagina Instagram account. All the feels.

Jo. For phoning. For her Facebook stats. 

Visited a recycling centre. I’ve wanted to go to one for years. It was so interesting. I loved it. And I got paid to go!

Homemade pizza night with Ivan’s pizza oven. So delicious. 

Alec’s music recommendation. Vagina themed.


Reliving drunk memories
Seeing more of the recycling centre. It’s so damn interesting!
When the sun came out and we were outside and finally felt some warmth.


The big recycling centre. God I love recycling.
Veep. Series two. So funny.
Feeling way happier and more confident about the job.